Fillmore Street
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1915 Fillmore Street
San Francisco , CA 94115

(415) 775-4300

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Dinner Everyday from 5:30 pm

"For some time I had been thinking about opening a small cafe and bar where eating and drinking is not an event. In fact, a sort of 'anti-restaurant' without the high concept and relentless planning it takes to get a table at a big, downtown restaurant. I imagined a warm neighborhood place where poeple come and go before or after a movie or the theater, for instance. One should be able to eat in an hour yet stay for several with friends. Pretty simple food---crispy roast chicken, and good frites. A little (but not much) music playing on the stereo, a good bottle of Syrah and a decent smile from the server. The kind of place I want to eat in now but never seem to find.

Florio is my idea of the other place, the third place we need in our lives. Not work or home, but somewhere in between. It doesn't create a culinery splash since it reassures rather than challenges the guest." Doug Biederbeck, Co-founder

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