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Paolo Shoes
Italian Design - European Crafted

2000 Fillmore Street
San Francisco , CA 94115

(415) 885-5701

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At Paolo, the marriage between the shoe and the foot is essential in portraying personality, elegance, class and style.

All Shoes by Paolo Iantorno’s are hand crafted in over 50 different factories ranging from Northern to Central Italy. Small productions of “ethnic” shoes are produced in other countries the European Economic Community such as France and Spain depending on fashion demands. All skins and soles used for production have been tested for comfort and durability.

All exotic skins used have been C.I.T.E.S. certified and records can be found with the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection. All shoes boots sandals and slippers are made in quantities of twenty-five pieces or less to make each and every shoe one of a kind not to be seen anywhere else in this universe.

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