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Peet's Coffee & Tea on Fillmore
Inside Peet's Coffee & Tea on Fillmore
Peet's Coffee + Tea

2197 Fillmore Street
San Francisco , CA 94115

(415) 563-9930

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What makes Peet's coffee different?
Peet's has always been known for its deeply satisfying roast and the full-bodied flavor that it creates. We have a term for what one should look for in quality coffee, and that is "cup satisfaction" which sums up the goal of Peet's artisan roasting.

What is Peet's artisan roasting?
Every one of our 32 coffees is roasted by hand, every day, by our skilled roasters. We also taste every one of our coffees, every day, to ensure quality consistency.

Here, roasting coffee is understood as an art and a means of developing flavor. Each coffee bean has a different size, shape, color and density and requires a different application of heat and timing to unleash the full potential of a bean's origin flavor.

It's the difference between a chef cooking your food and a machine cooking your food. A machine is going to repeat the same thing every time, without any of the subtle nuances. At Peet's, we focus on getting the most out of the coffee that we possibly can, emphasizing the individual characteristics that are unique to each coffee.

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