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Zinc Details

1905 Fillmore Street
San Francisco , CA 94115

(415) 776-2100

Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday Noon-6pm

Zinc Details is a showcase for functional, durable, and affordable design. Zinc offers furniture and home accessories chosen because they are, or are destined to become, modern classics.

Wendy and Vasilios Kiniris search the world for pieces that best fit the modern lifestyle. Their criteria include clean lines, intriguing form and use of color, high quality, and complete functionality. They believe that objects in their purest form facilitate a simplicity and ease of living. Zinc Details chooses furniture and accessories that will fit a multitude of environments and allow for the maximum use of space.

The Zinc ideal is embodied in its name. Zinc is a strong and durable material that yields an unexpected softness, versatility, and luster. Zinc Details strives for the unexpected and versatile by offering superbly designed pieces for home or office, kitchen, bath, living room, or den.
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